Lettings Fees


Lettings Fees

Tenant’s fees

Administration charge £125+vat ( £150 ) per tenant for the first 2 tenants.  £100 + vat ( £120 ) for each subsequent tenant who requires referencing. (Tenant’s share)


Company referencing  £300 + vat ( £360 ) (Tenant’s share)


Inventory and Schedule of condition (Tenants Share) :

1 bedroom £65 +vat ( £78 )

2 Bedrooms £80 +vat ( £96 )

3 Bedrooms £95 +vat ( £114 )

4 Bedrooms £120 + vat ( £144 )

5 Bedrooms + Quotation required



Letters (Tenant’s share)

Rent arrears Letter £50 + vat (£60)

Breach of tenancy letter £50 +vat (£60) Cost of each breach letter resulting from the tenant breaching the tenancy agreement and requesting that the breach be stopped and remedied

Renewal of tenancy £250 +vat (£300) (Split 50:50 between landlord and tenant.) Should you wish to renew the tenancy agreement past the initial period agreed by the landlord.

Change of occupant £250 + vat (£300) (Tenant’s Share) Fee to be paid if the landlord agrees to allow a change of occupier who is responsible for payment of the rent.

Tenant’s deposit. Equivalent of 1.5 x monthly rent unless otherwise agreed with the landlord.  If pets are to be living at the property an additional 0.5x monthly rent will be charged.

Landlord’s Fees:


Tenancy set up (Let only service)

70 % +vat based on the first month’s rent (84%)


What’s included - 

Setting up of tenancy including providing all necessary legal paperwork

Collect and transfer your initial monthly rent

Deduct any pre-tenancy invoices and where appropriate arrange collection of any shortfall from Landlord

Set up standing orders

Obtain Tenant Credit, ID & Immigration Checks, Tenant Employment & Landlord References

Produce a suitable Tenancy Agreement and obtain signatures

Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with government-approved scheme

Provide tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the start of the tenancy

Rent collection service

8% +vat based on the monthly rent (9.6%) + Let only service charges


What’s included

Collect your Rental Payments & provide statements 

Deduct commission, fees and cost of any works if appropriate

Arrange payments from rent for statutory requirements

Deal with HMRC returns for Non-Resident Landlords



Fully managed service

12% +vat based on the monthly rent (14.4%) + Let only service charges


What’s included?

Same as Let only and rent collection +

Carry out three property inspections per annum to ensure the property is being

Hold a set of ‘Management Keys’ securely throughout the Tenancy

Obtain Signatures for Keys and any Manuals issued on move-in day

Deal with any maintenance issues arrange payment to contractors from the next month’s rent



Book a Property Valuation