Our Lettings Fees


Tenant Fees

Administration charge £125+vat ( £150 ) per tenant for the first 2 tenants.  £100 + vat ( £120 ) for each subsequent tenant who requires referencing. (Tenant’s share)


Company referencing  £300 + vat ( £360 ) (Tenant’s share)


Inventory and Schedule of condition (Tenants Share) :

1 bedroom £65 +vat ( £78 )

2 Bedrooms £80 +vat ( £96 )

3 Bedrooms £95 +vat ( £114 )

4 Bedrooms £120 + vat ( £144 )

5 Bedrooms + Quotation required



 Letters (Our Tenants share)

Rent arrears Letter £50 + vat (£60)

Breach of tenancy letter £50 +vat (£60) Cost of each breach letter resulting from the tenant breaching the tenancy agreement and requesting that the breach be stopped and remedied



Renewal of tenancy £250 +vat (£300) (Tenant’s Share) Should you wish to renew the tenancy agreement past the initial period agreed by the landlord.

Change of occupant £250 + vat (£300) (Tenant’s Share) Fee to be paid if the landlord agrees to allow a change of occupier who is responsible for payment of the rent.


Tenant’s deposit. Equivalent of 1.5 x monthly rent unless otherwise agreed with the landlord.  If pets are to be living at the property an additional 0.5x monthly rent will be charged.


Landlord Fees


Tenancy set up (Let only service)

70 % +vat based on the first month’s rent (84%)


What’s included - 

Setting up of tenancy including providing all necessary legal paperwork

Collect and transfer your initial monthly rent

Deduct any pre-tenancy invoices and where appropriate arrange collection of any shortfall from Landlord

Set up standing orders

Obtain Tenant Credit, ID & Immigration Checks, Tenant Employment & Landlord References

Produce a suitable Tenancy Agreement and obtain signatures

Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with government-approved scheme

Provide tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the start of the tenancy


Rent collection service

8% +vat based on the monthly rent (9.6%) + Let only service charges


What’s included

Collect your Rental Payments & provide statements 

Deduct commission, fees and cost of any works if appropriate

Arrange payments from rent for statutory requirements

Deal with HMRC returns for Non-Resident Landlords



Fully managed service

12% +vat based on the monthly rent (14.4%) + Let only service charges


What’s included?

Same as Let only and rent collection +

Carry out three property inspections per annum to ensure the property is being

Hold a set of ‘Management Keys’ securely throughout the Tenancy

Obtain Signatures for Keys and any Manuals issued on move-in day

Deal with any maintenance issues arrange payment to contractors from the next month’s rent



Our client money protection cover is supplied by Client Money Protect and the registration number is CMP003690




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